WLIH FM will soon be 27-Years-old!

With continuing joy WLIH 107.1 FM will celebrate its 27th anniversary year in March of 2014.

At a time in his life when most people think about retiring, John Antonio of Wellsboro felt the call of God to erect a Christian radio station in Whitneyville at the center of Tioga County.

In 1984 Antonio gathered together a board of Christian men that included Dr. Robert Unger, Dr. Bill Downey, Rev. David Weidman, Attorney Rudy VanderHiel and himself.

They determined that WLIH 107.1 FM, Good Christian Radio Broadcasting, Inc., would not be privately owned but be a non-profit 501(c)3 corporation belonging to God. After three years of completing a multitude of required forms, purchasing the site, the transmitter, all the broadcasting equipment and erecting a tower, the FCC granted WLIH a license to broadcast at 107.1 FM and The Voice of Praise took to the airways on March 15, 1987 at 3000 Watts of Stereo power.

In the first year, announcers were John Antonio, David Weidman, Jr., Bill Hurlbert, Bob Hughes, Tracey Ace and Cassie Boergermann.

John Antonio resigned from the board and retired from WLIH at the end of 1987 due to health problems, and Carol Makin became the WLIH General Manager.

The board of Good Christian Radio Broadcasting previously consisted of President Robert L. Makin, Vice President George Buickus Jr, Treasurer Carol Makin, Secretary Sue Parthemer and members Dr. Joseph McNamara and Tim Bogaczyk.

Current announcers are George Buickus Jr., Greg Peck, Terri Peck,  and our newest addition, Daniel Kreger.

WLIH 107.1 FM is the pioneer Christian radio station in Tioga County and our broadcast day begins at 6 AM and currently ends at 12 Midnight. We are now "The Voice", Where Listening Invites Hope.

WLIH originally broadcast from the house on its property but now operates from a cinderblock building just east of the Tioga County Fairgrounds at the top of the hill in Whitneyville, PA.

There have been many changes since 1987. An addition was added to the broadcast building and a large WLIH sign erected through the gifts of listeners, but the message remains the same in music and spoken word. That is: "Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life" and WLIH 107.1 FM exists to worship Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

WLIH serves the Christian community through its music and programming with changes currently underway that began in October of 2013 with a renewed Board of Directors and Pastor Ken Schoonover Jr as CEO and Station Manager after Carol Makin retired (with gracious thanks for her many years of service and sacrifice).

WLIH's goals for the future include an increase of power to 5000 watts, to continue to encourage local pastors and churches and to remain on the air broadcasting the Good News of Salvation through Jesus Christ until He returns.

WLIH Radio
107.1 FM

WLIH is a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation and your support may be tax deductible